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Nature is truth, truth Nature - that is all we know on earth, and all we need to know - Inspired from one of the Odes by John Keats.

The wilderness...seem to draw us to its benevolent chest... for wildlife we live, in nature we believe. With over three decades of experience we have gathered the sapience from the wild which is more than precious to us. The very thought of photographing wildlife makes us jubilant, in turn making our adrenaline run high. Owing to this unfathomable love for nature and wildlife we have gained expertise in this vertical.
Lusciously draped in emerald green, mother nature is nothing but a treasure chest, filled with mysteries and our job is to unfold these mysteries, understand them, gain knowledge from them and share our erudition with everyone. So calling ourselves just a bunch of photographers or wildlife enthusiasts do not do justice to what we do and how we get completely intertwined with the wild, to us we are more like 'NATURE WHISPERERS', wanting to make it evident that we just don't visit jungles and forests because we love to, but to understand all the facets of the wild. Its a part of our lives, not love, something more than just love.
Mother Nature has been very munificent to us and the surprises from the gargantuan storehouse of God's Green Earth never fail to amaze us and has given, is still giving us golden opportunities to quench our thirst of clicking wildlife, exploring more and more about the wild, cherishing the frozen moments for life and many reasons for GoingWild.

So to conclude, our major lookout is to unravel the mysteries of the wild and present it to the world; We believe in learning and sharing our knowledge with the world. Through our efforts we want to make a difference in both wildlife tourism and conservation by spreading awareness and also bringing the wild one step closer to its lovers!

The world is our platform, the wilderness is our domain; whether we perform well or not, that you will have to decide only by spending time with GoingWild.


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